Saber – TYPE MOON Racing Ver. Review (1/7 Complete Figure by Stronger)

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Today I will be reviewing another figure and it is Racing Saber by Stronger. She is from the series, Fate Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works. Her name is Arthoria Pendragon and she wields the famous Excalibur, but in this case she is holding onto a parasol which they call it the Excaliparasol… She is called Saber as that is her class type within the anime/game. If you haven’t already watch Fate Stay Night and its series, you’re really missing out on a very good anime. You can search online for the order to watch them.

This figure is one of the prettiest Saber figures out there.(*´▽`*) It’s produced in limited quantities and I think it would be quite difficult to get your hands on her now. However this figure has a series and she comes with 2 other characters that is released sometime in December 2017 (They’ve changed the release dates) I’m really excited for it and I would update this post after I’ve received the other 2!

P.S. I think my posts looks best on a tablet as I can zoom in on the pictures as much as I want easily on a big screen as compared to a phone. But if you are viewing on your desktop/laptop, be sure to zoom in!



It is just a very normal box so I don’t have much to comment about it. So far every figurine box that I’ve collected from the Fate series have a logo (command seal) of the anime stating which Fate series it came from. In this case, you can see it at every single side of the box other than the bottom.

Front view: capture.png

Right view:DSC_4853

Back view:DSC_4854

Left view:DSC_4855

Top view:dsc_4856.jpg

Bottom view:DSC_4859


Overview of the contents; front view:DSC_4862

Overview of the contents; back view:DSC_4864

The base; top view (Let’s start off with the base as this is the very first thing that drops out of the box haha. This base is painted with a layer of matte golden paint and it is slightly shimmery✧ Also, the lines and the horse head is painted with glossy black paint):dsc_4901.jpg

The base; bottom view (©TYPE MOON & MADE IN CHINA is printed at the bottom of the base! Do check this to check if it’s a replica or a real deal! I’ve tried my best to take a good pic…):dsc_4905.jpg

Her hair (Yes, it comes separately):dsc_4959.jpg

However I had to chop off some of her hair as it is too long and I can’t fit it into her head nicelydsc_4900.jpg

Excaliparasol handle (Somehow it looks weird but I’m glad that the original details of the Excalibur is here):dsc_4910.jpg

The gold paint on the base and on the Excaliparasol is of different colour. But both paint shimmers~ The blue paint on the parasol is glossy.dsc_4909.jpg

Excaliparasol canopy; top view: DSC_4921

Remember the base plate? The logo is painted in the same colour as the base plate and this figure only owns 1/3 of this entire logo plate! So that means with the other 2 yet to release figures, this whole logo will be completed with their base plates!DSC_4927

Excaliparasol canopy; bottom view: DSC_4922

The ribs of this canopy is made really nicely! It can move at the joints but I would recommend not to play with it as it looks like it could break any minute.dsc_4923.jpg

Extra arm; front view (The material used for the skin feels super silky. I don’t have the exact word to describe it but it’s like those kind of super smooth/silky rubber that will get stained just by slightly rubbing it against a surface): dsc_4913.jpg

Extra arm; back view (However the outerwear is made from some kind of hard plastic rubber kind of material. Like maybe 80% hard plastic & 20% rubber? I don’t know how to describe it either but you will know when you touch it haha): dsc_4915.jpg


Main view/ Front view (She looks so cute! I feel that her body proportions are done very nicely and very realistically! Not too over the top kind like extremely big boobs with an extremely tiny waist and very bony thighs):dsc_4952-e1511803762657.jpg

Her face is sculpted and painted so prettily! I don’t know if it can be seen here but there’s slight blushing on her cheeks. Her hair is sculpted to fit her face/ expression perfectly.dsc_4886.jpg

Her cleavage can be seen pretty clearly hahaha. The golden buttons on her crop top are painted with precision.dsc_4877.jpg

Her collarbone is quite prominent and the details on the neck itself can even be seen. Even the shape of the rib cage and the belly is made nicely. Attention to such details are amazing which makes this body looks as though it is real.dsc_4876.jpg

The tip of her shoes are painted with a coat of glossy silver paint which causes it to have some ability to reflect as seen here.dsc_4875.jpg

Back view(Her hair, ribbon and outerwear flows nicely giving this figure a life on it’s own):DSC_4956

I’ve always liked ribbons and this is one of the most beautifully carved ribbons ever!dsc_4895.jpg

Her butt cheeks are painted and sculpted nicely. As I’ve said, very realistic.DSC_4899

Side view:dsc_4955.jpg

If I’m a model and I were to stand in this pose for the whole day, my back will break..dsc_4953.jpg

There are wrinkles/ folds on the pants and damn they really went through every single detail. However you can tell that the blue paint went slightly onto the pink belt.dsc_4891.jpg

Notice the realistic jawline, ears, back muscles and that shimmery logo?dsc_4888.jpg

Can I have her outerwear? It just looks so real…dsc_4892.jpg

Same as the outerwear, they didn’t save any effort to sculpt the nicest wrinkles on her boots!DSC_4873



This figure was made with the word ‘perfect’ in mind and like I’ve said at the start, this is one of the prettiest if not the prettiest Saber figures ever made. The sculpt was incredible! Every single detail was put into consideration and yes.. I do not have a single complain or dissatisfaction with this figure. It wasn’t easy for me to get my hands on her and after I unboxed it, I felt that everything was worth it even when I had to cut that strand of hair to the correct length just to fix it into her head. This figure sets the benchmark and yes, if you don’t get this it will be a waste.


Without further ado, let’s get on with the rating~

Paintwork: 9.5/10

Sculpt: 10/10

Attention to details:10/10

Setup: 10/10




Box score: 7/10 ( It is average.)

Affordability: Average (About 200 SGD)

Worth the price?: Definitely worth the price. In fact it is considered cheap for such a beautiful piece.

Do I recommend this figure?: 100% YES! If you’re a figurine collector, you must add her to your collection. Even if you don’t watch the Fate series, just get it.



That’s all for now! Tar tar (´▽`o)ノ Have a good day.


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