Jibril Figure from Phat! Review

Booyah! Welcome to my lil’ space~

This is my very first post and I’m really excited about this! Today, I will be reviewing a figurine, Jibril from No Game No Life. I chose to review a figure in my first post as I LOVE to take pictures when I’m unboxing. If you follow me on Instagram and you see my stories, you’ll know haha. I chose this figure to be featured as she is A BEAUTY (*♡∀♡) I’ve waited very long for her to arrive and yes, I’m as excited as you are! And so, without further ado, let’s get started! ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

Tadaaaa~ I feel like I should be showing you the final product first! She’s definitely one of the prettiest figures in my collection (´ ∀ ` *)



I ordered her from Japan and it was wrapped really well so there wasn’t any obvious damage on the box. The box itself is flimsy like most figurine boxes, and ya I wish the box could be more exclusive for such an expensive figure. No/not much support is given by the plastic blister inside so the box deforms easily. It sinks in from the front when i wrapped it up afterwards… But all in all, the box looks great I guess especially on the left side of the box.

Front view:2

Back view:1.png

Left view (♡˙︶˙♡):4.png

Right view:3.png

Top view:5.png

Bottom view:6.png


Well, the moment I took her out of the box, I was screaming. She’s really FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. You definitely have to get this figure for yourself! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Overview of the contents:7

Cute lil’ Shiroヽ(♡‿♡)ノ; Front view (Even though she is just an accessory with this figure, she is made really well. Look at her hair and you’ll know):8.png

Cute lil’ Shiroヽ(♡‿♡)ノ; Back view:9.png

The alternate bloody face part (If you read the novel or watched the anime, you should know why this face part is given~~):DSC_4763

The skull on hand; Front view:DSC_4764

The skull on hand; Back view (Look at that beautiful crack):DSC_4765

The book on hand (Oops I forgot to take a pic of the other side of the book but I can assure you that it is empty):DSC_4766

The white halo (I know my nails look horrendous):DSC_4770

The black halo (There are even words on both the halos if you look carefully. Their attention to even the smallest details are amazing!):DSC_4771

The books (The pages in the books are painted slightly yellow at the edges to make them look more realistic as to the books you will find in the libraries):DSC_4767


Front view (Fuuuuu she’s so cute and her hair is so damn beautiful):DSC_4773

Close up front view (The details on her chest…. ;~; I’m crying. The silver paint looks really nice above the matte paint used on her top.):DSC_4786

Close up front view (The creases one her stocking and boots are amazing. They really put in a lot of attention to this figure):DSC_4787

Back view:DSC_4774

Close up back view (Her back looks damn pretty! I’m jealous… ):DSC_4788

Just a little note: The wing tip is made translucent!DSC_4776

Bottom view(✧ω✧) (The outfit is translucent and the colour gradient is just beautiful! Also hehe so much attention is given down here~ Oh, she’s also wearing a ring on her finger):DSC_4783

Side view (Look at dem boobs and her ears I guess???):DSC_4785



This is such a beautiful figure… I mean I just have to say this again.

And now it is rating time~

Paintwork:9/10 (Rough edges here and there with little bubbles)

Sculpt:9.5/10(Some joints on the wings and the hair isn’t done properly but the rest are sculpted perfectly)

Attention to details:9.5/10 (Why are the pages in the book on her hand empty?!)

Setup: 8/10 (It was a bit difficult to change the face parts as it was difficult to remove the hair. I mean I don’t want to break any of the hair part. It was even more difficult to put it back in. Also, the hands are freaking lose. They keep dropping off. But it shouldn’t drop if you don’t touch it after you set it up. The books are difficult to stack above each other. Every time i press them together, it felt as though I broke/crushed them as it creaks damn loudly.)

OVERALL SCORE: 9.5/10The extra 0.5 is because this figure is just too pretty.

Box score: 3/10 ( I mean I really didn’t like it)

Do I recommend this figure? DEFINITELY. If you’ve watched No Game No Life, you must add her to your collection!


That’s all for now! Tar tar (´▽`o)ノ See you again soon.


3 Replies to “Jibril Figure from Phat! Review”

  1. No game no life!! One of my fav animes!!! And Jibril is definitely a fav character!!! Love her so much!!!! The quality looks amazing!!! And I agree, box is t that great but it’s what’s inside that counts!!!! A little jealous that you have Jibril!! 😊


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